Can I withdraw any time?

Yes, you may. However, once you are queued to Provide Help, you are unable to withdraw until that queue goes out and you have received Get Help.

How Long Before I Get Cycled?

We have After 10 Days, After 20 Days, and After 30 days. Depending on the frequency of each PH/GH, once you select any Plan, you will wait for that plan to expire then you request for Get Help.

Can We Trust On H2G

We have taken EXTREME precautions in order to keep your account safe. We have made sure that there is no one single point of failure into our security infrastructure. Our No.1 priority is the security of the Bitcoins, in order to build a reliable and reputable community banking.

What Is the Maximum Amount I Can PH?

The Maximum amount you can PH/GH at a time is 10,000,000.00. However, you can PH as many times as possible, as long you do not have any Pending PH you have not accomplished.

What Is The Minimum Amount I can PH?

The minimum amount you can PH is 10 in your currency

Meaning of Some Terminologies

Available GH --- This is the total amount of earnings ready to withdraw.

Growing GH --- This is the current growth of Help Provided

Total GH --- This will show you total amount of Help gotten so far.

Pending --- This is when a particular PH or GH is waiting for confirmation from a user.

Confirmed --- At this point PH is confirmed and currently growing.

Awaiting Claim --- This status means a plan has been completed and member needs to provide another help before claiming it.

What If A Participant Upload Fake Payment Proof And Did Not Pay Me?

If you someone assigned to pay you uploads fake teller and did not pay you.

  • Simply click on "Payment Not Received"
  • Then click on "Report"
  • Upload The fake screenshot sent to you.
  • Enter a brief message and send.
  • After review, someone will be reassigned to Provide Help to you

I Want to Add/Edit my Bank Bank Information

To Add you Bank Details
  • Login to your H2G account,
  • click on Payment Details
  • Scroll down to where you have "Bank Wire Details"
  • Provide your bank details and click on Submit.
To edit your bank details
  • click on Payment Details
  • You will see two Buttons, Add Payment Details and Payment List
  • Click on Payment List then Under Action, click on Edit and wait for approval.

How do I Upload Payment Slip after I have made Transfer?

After system assign you. On that particular transaction, you will see "Details"

  • Click on it, You will see the details of the person to pay.
  • After payment, return back to the same place and select the payment method (i.e bank wire),
  • Select bank you paid into
  • Click on browse and upload the payment slip.
  • Enter a note and click on upload.

What will happen if I did not meet up with my time?

If you fail to meet up with your time, your account will be suspended and your transactions will be wiped off.

Please we repeat, do NOT join H2G if you are not going to mean business, This is for serious minded people. Also, Please do not PH more than you can afford or have so that you do not cause some damage to your account.

I opened A New Ticket, How Do I View My Ticket Reply?

Login to your account, click on Support. Then click on the button TICKETS. There you will see your recent conversation and ticket status.

How do I Contact Someone I Provided Help to?

To contact the person you have Provided Help or yet to Provide help to, simply click on PH History, there you will see list of your provided help history. Under GH Member, click on the username of that member you want contact, there you will see contact details of such User.

I Requested GH and PH User Failed to meet up, What will happen to my funds?

When a PH user failed o meet up in providing help, that amount will return back in your account in Available GH, you will have to click on Get Help again so that another user will be assigned to you, while such user account will be blocked.

What are Requirements to become Manager?

Before we request further requirement, you must have Provided Help not less than 10 times and also you must have not less than 10 active downlines that has Provided Help at least once. Then you can proceed with the process of becoming a manager.

Who is the Founder of H2G?

H2G is founded by like minded people whose goal is to eliminate poverty through this community. It’s not founded by a specific individual but groups of people numbering in 100s which is why we cannot give you a specific name.

Giving you a name will be disrespectful to other founders of this great community. In a nutshell, H2G is founded by groups of wealthy people whose aim is to eliminate poverty.

When was H2G Founded?

Help2get has been in operation since 2011 through person to person or physical donation method as there is no bank payment involved as of the time. This method is practiced all over the world and it’s completely legal, But without an online presence. We just gained an online presence in 2016 as this will help the community touch more lives positively.

How does H2G generate Income to Maintain such High Interest Rate?

The founders of help2get started this initiative within themselves, as a result they are active participant of this program.

They Provide Help and Receive Help themselves. They do this in multiples of millions with top millionaires you don't know. H2G makes multiples of $60million from every $100million help provided. That's 60% monthly.

The question now is, can $60million take care of the community? Realistically Yes. That is the secret of the program.


None. Although it founders are the big players of this community as some of them are philanthropist, business tycoon and government officials

In H2G, must a Participant provide new Help before claiming the matured one?

Yes. This will help keep the smooth running of the community. Just like you will require a collateral before you get a loan to power your business, expand your ideas and pay your mortgage bills, so it on Help2Get. You must have an outstanding PH before you claim your matured ones.

Secondly, this will Help to power this community in decades to come. Also, this has helped maintained honesty within the community. E.g You won't dare upload fake document of payment if you have an outstanding PH knowing that if you do you will lose your account and everything in it.

Or you won't dare to upload fake document when you are merged to pay someone before the maturity of your 60% interest. So, your outstanding PH stands as your collateral or commitment.